Sunday, November 1, 2009


Allison is changing so much lately! Her personality is so funny! Jeff and I will just be watching her and glance at each other, then just start laughing, because of how crazy she is! She's so much fun. She's been jabbering up a storm lately, and I think that she's been calling Dallin, "Da". She always looks at him, and says it and sometimes points. They are pretty good little buddies. She loves her sippy cup and freaks out if you take it away. She also loves to splash in the bath, Pat-A-Cake, and Miley Cyrus' song, "I Wanna Know You". Seriously. If we're in the car and she's crying, all we have to do is turn that on, and not one peep is made. She has the CHEESIEST grin that consumes her whole face- Eyes squinting, nose scrunched... Cutest darn thing. I really need to get it on camera in full swing. No teeth yet though. She's pretty clingy to Mommy lately... which isn't always the most fun thing, but I am glad that she likes me. :)

Allison finally started to get the crawling thing down at 7 1/2 months (after a couple weeks of trying). By the way... this toy in this video was 50 cents at a thrift store. I think it's the best 50 cents I've ever spent. She LOVES this thing!!

She also LOVES the piano. When she was born, so many people told me that she was born to play piano because she had such long fingers. They were right! :) She'll sit at the piano for sometimes 15-20 minutes- just playing and singing. I love it!

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The Askeroth Family said...

It's crazy to see such a little baby so into the piano! How cute. She must have inherited some musical genes from her parents. And crawling at 7 1/2 months is really early isn't it?! So fun...They grow up way too fast.