Wednesday, November 4, 2009


On Friday, we started off the weekend with some Home-made Banana pancakes in the shape of Ghosts. They turned out Yummy!!!

We headed over to the annual Halloween Parade in the afternoon. Ever year, all of the kids AND teachers dress up and parade around the town to show everyone their costumes. It's a lot of fun. I love that everyone gets involved too!
*The first of the parade, and getting a witch kiss!*

We went down to St. George that evening, and got back on Saturday just in the nick of time for a little get-together and a little bit of trick or treating.
Jeff and I really like to dress up and have a fun time on Halloween. Why Not? It's one day out of the year. :) Dallin had decided and told us what were all going to be for Halloween back in June or July! So here we are- Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach... and Minnie Mouse! :) (Dallin actually wanted Allison to be Baby Peach, but she was a much cuter Minnie Mouse!) :)
Here's a few pictures of the Halloween night:

(Every time I wanted to take a picture of Dallin, He's strike this pose... :)

We had the Blodgetts and the Hepworths come over to have a some Pizza and to see everyone's costumes. It was really fun.
Brent was also Mario... This two make a lovely pair, don't you think? :) Awesome!

It was a pretty laid back "party", and the kids watched a movie downstairs, and decorated cupcakes...

My mom was wonderful and when she heard I was having a get-together, she made me a bunch of cupcakes, got decoration things for them, and got me a bunch of little things to put in Goodie Bags for the kids too. She's so great! I love her.
(Her and Darrell went to a "Roarin' 20's" Halloween Party and they looked really cute! Thought I'd share:)

We had a really good time all together for Halloween! Hope everyone had a great time too!


Marci said...

cute cute cute....kaylin told us that him and baby brother are going to be the buzy bee mario next halloween!!!!! you guy all looked really cute...nick of course missed pretty much all of halloween again this year so i didnt dress up but next year we are all going to kaylin told us we have too! COME DOWN AND SEE US!!!

Kirsten said...

What a fun Halloween! I love the pancake idea! And I've never seen anyone go as mario and luigi..well not in a while at least..very fun! You guys are such an adorable family! :-)

Nathan Corry said...

Those are some major sweet costumes!

Kyle and Jamie said...

I love your costumes!! What a great idea! You are so creative! You guys look awesome! It makes me want to play the real nintendo!!