Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Last Week

Well- A little late, but last week we were in St. George almost the whole week, and wanted to share some of our fun times. If more than anything this is a "journal entry" for me... since I don't do very well on a regular journal. :)
It was definitely a busy week:
Monday- went to Cedar for Jeff's dentist appointment... Not so fun... but needed I suppose. After chatting with his mom for a bit, we drove down to St. George to my mom's house for family night. Kellie and Garrett, and Scott were there so we had a lot of fun. BBQ'd hamburgers, played a really fun game called "Last Word" (anybody played that before?), and had Jello Poke cake for dessert, and roasted s'mores for dessert. (The marshmallow roaster sticks were made by my grandpa... the whole family has them. Kind of fun... :) Dallin also played guitar hero with Scott- My brother is amazing at this game!! It was a really nice relaxing evening.

Tuesday- Jeff had a training class (Core Academy) over in Washington, so while he was gone, Kellie, Scott and I took Dallin Swimming.

Then after Jeff was done, Kellie and Garrett watched Dallin and took him to the park, and Jeff and I went to the temple. I love going there! We did some sealings and I love being able to stare at Jeff like the day we got married. :) We also went to Charlies. A fun little date. Then over to my grandma's- and never fail- her beds are the most comfortable I've ever slept in.

Wednesday- Jeff has training again, and I went to Kellie's again. This time Brent and Chantelle had a doctors appointment with Faith down there, so we watched their two middle ones. Dallin is so in love with Brielle. He talks about her every day. Poor kid... he's going to have his heart broken on of these days... Jeff also came and swam with us after his class. Then back to my grandma's for dinner. I LOVE having dinner at my grandmas!

Thursday- Training... yet again... and while Jeff was there, my grandma and I drove BACK to Cedar for mine and my mother-in-law's jewelry party. I ended up having to leave a little early, but we had a good time. Back to St. George- Then we picked up Jeff, had dinner at my grandma's again, and drove home.

Friday- Did pretty much nothing all day. We deserved it- haha. Did stay up until 2:30 though trying to get some stuff done for Saturday.

Saturday- Peeled my self out of bed at 6:15, packed up the car with stuff, and headed BACK down to St. George for Mal's bridal shower. It was really fun. I was in charge of the decorating, and I made her a little recipe tin, and a glass block, and some simple vases to go on the tables.

(At the Bridal shower) (3rd grade)

I also made the invites which turned out pretty cute. Yay for my photoshop! :) It was good to be with Mal. I love that girl. :) Also it was good to talk to Syd, Morgan and Shari. I love that with some people, even though you've havn't seen each other in a while, you can pick up right where you left off... After the shower, Jeff and I headed home through Cedar to pick up stuff for Chantelle, and then home again... And went to another bridal shower for my friend's (Autumn) sister (Summer). I won like every game- I was seriously giving out "good luck Karma" to quote Autumn. haha. It was awesome.

Sunday- Finally a day of rest... sheesh. Nap time definitely didn't come soon enough.


Jennifer said...

I love that glass block--what a pretty idea!

The Hatch's said...

That sounds like one busy week! I really haven't seen you in forever!

Josh and Amber said...

What a fun filled week! And you so creative, your things for the shower turned out great!

Sean & Lacey said...

So cute! Swimming looks fun and I love the cute tin and glass block...you are very creative! That's way funny about your friends living down there, are they in flight school do you know? So I'm ready for a tutor... I got the photo shop elements and can't do anything with it yet!