Thursday, June 5, 2008

Catching up... again...

OK. So Jeff took Dallin to "Fathers and Sons" tonight for the first time (so cute!), and I finally have some quality time to get caught up on some much needed blogging.
I hate when I just don't update everytime I think about it. Then I get all backed up, and have to do a MAJOR catch-up. Which isn't as fun as one everyday. So sorry about the majorly long post about a lot of nothing... but it needed to be done... :) Here it goes...

First- Jeff's class went to Zion National Park on a field trip and also stopped at the Indian place as well. On the way down- there happened to be a really bad accident involving a motorcycle. Traffic was stopped for quite a while and only one lane was able to go once they got one of the passengers life-flighted. When it was my turn to go (I drove down separate from the bus), they made me stop for another car to turn and two feet away from my drivers side door was a fresh body bag. It hit me so hard. There was still a HUGE mess from everything and it just made me sick. I kept thinking about the scene over and over for the next couple days, and couldn't get the image from my head. I don't know how cops and anybody in the medical field does it... On the way home I just kept thinking about how those mountains were the last thing that the guy saw before he died. And he had no idea what was coming around the turn. It's amazing how fast something can take you away... it really freaked me out... You just have to live every day to the fullest.
On a better note- the field trip was a lot of fun. Dallin just LOVES the kids in his class, and he has a crush on a girl named Ebby in the class. He's so funny and he tries to show off for her. Here's a few picures from the day:
Taking a break during lunch:

Jeff and I:

the "duy in the pee-pee ana hoot-hoot"
(Traslation: The guy in the Tee-pee with the Flute)
Dallin loved this guy, even though we think he was high...

A lady talking to Jeff and his class:

That same night, a bunch of famlies went to the park for a BBQ. The greatest thing about it is that the women didn't have to do anything! The guys made to die for dutch oven pasta and enchiladas, rolls, and "better than (any term that you grew up with)" cake. Mmmm... We sat with our friends the Roses, and you think it would kill the guys to get a good picture?? sheesh...

Also- I love this picture of Dallin running for some reason,
And this is the Roses' little baby Sadie (3 months)... So cute!!

Later that week, we went to Cedar for Cedar High's graduation. I didn't really see any of it, since Dallin was being impossible... but I did get inside to take some pictures of Laura walking to get her diploma. She was so ready to be done with high school- haha. She did a great job though and is such an awesome tennis player! Now she's headed up to Logan! (P.S. This picture was taken inside the SUU Centrum, all the way at the opposite side of the stands! Pretty good zoom!)

Lately Dallin has been really into the PBS kids show "Super Why". I'm really a big fan of T.V. rather than movies, just because of how much Dallin gets into the T.V. shows, and learns from them. When ever they ask the "audience" a question, he always answers back, and he's starting to get his letters down so well! (We've also been helping him with letters with the Leapster Letter Factory that Tyler Fagg suggested-thanks!) Anyway- In one episode, they were trying to turn the Snake that was on the table into a Cake. They showed the "ake" part of the word, and put a "C' by it. Dallin said "a C!". Then they showed the word all together and said "what does that say"... and he said "Cake!" I was shocked! He really is learning from the things that I tell him! I love it. haha. Anyway- this show is a really cute show. We downloaded some episodes off of itunes too. If you have kidlets, it's a great show to get them into. This is him with his new love- his "super why cape":
On last Sunday,both the Blodgetts and the Roses had their baby girls blessed. It was a beautiful day (with lots of food!) :) They are such sweet little girls... it makes me baby hungry really bad to hold both of them! :)

One of their friends found a baby skunk and he was so cute! Dallin didn't know what to think of him and he kept calling him "the stunk".

This last week has been really busy. We got Dallin into a "big-boy" bed... and it's going... ok... He likes to sleep in it- it's just that he always falls out- even with the safety bar on the side. Tuesday night, he fell out in the middle of the night and got a really bad bloody nose. Dallin and I were up for an hour and half trying to get things cleaned up, and get him back to sleep. Anybody have any suggestions for this?
Also this week- we had a lot of fun in the sun. Monday we went to the water park in Kanab with the Blodgetts. Jeff and Brent were done with their training by 12:30, so they met us at the park and had a big picnic lunch. I love that both of our husbands teach and that we can have so much free time in the summer together.

We also had a bunch of Dallins friends (all girls! We need some more testosterone filled babies around here!) come over for lunch and a little pool party. The kids had so much fun, and I think I want to do something like this once a week. I was surprised how easy it was to get 6 little kids fed and into the water... I was expecting a lot more work... But it was a lot of fun!
I got this table for free- it goes down to perfect size for a kids picnic table! add logs for chairs and you're set! :):

Dallin wasn't expecting it to be that cold, and Karlie looks too cute in this pic (they're a day apart)

Thursday, Dallin and I went on a much needed ride. It's been TOO long since I've been! I was starting to get really antsy. Dallin loved every minute of it and kept yelling "Yeehaw Bullseye!" (from Toy Story). I loved it too... but my bum?? Not so much... :) I was so sore the next day from waiting too long between rides.

And FINALLY- the only purpose of this picture is to show Morgan how long my hair is because she asked... :)

And that's all folks!! Sorry I had to take you on the longest post ride of your life... :) But I seriously needed to update. I'll be better and post more rapidly for now on. Have a good one!


Jennifer said...

Can I just say that baby skunk is just darling...

Josh and Amber said...

It sounds like you've had such a great time! How fun!! I enjoyed reading your posts, so it wasn't that bad ;)!!

Marci ann said...

cute cute cute only if you could keep the updates comeing..and ya i need to give you that picture of you when you were prego..its really cute!!!

Jessica said...

Robert Redford. It was called "Better Than Robert Redford" cake in our house growing up. My mom was totally in love with him! :^)

Sean & Lacey said...

Your hair is so long, I love it! How did you dare hold the skunk without it spraying? Dallin is so cute and looks a little boy now....crazy! You have such a cute family!

Digitreats said...

Adorable photos! Thanks for adding a link to my blog!