Friday, May 14, 2010

Dallin's 4th Birthday...

My baby is 4!
This cute little peanut:

is now my 4 year old ball of energy that constantly makes me laugh.
I love him so much. Few things I want to remember about him right now:
He tells me "Mommy?... I love you..." 10 times a day...
He has TONS of energy, but also loves to cuddle.
He loves Mario from Nintendo, can recite any theme music from any Mario game, and wears his Mario hat from Halloween almost every day...
Loves Mac & Cheese, chicken noodle soup, enchiladas, toast and "Hot Shakes" (Pediasure shakes in the microwave)...
LOVES to have races (but has to win!) :)
Favorite movies right now: The Furious Five, Alvin and the Chipmunks, And any old Disney VHS movies...
He's really into listening to books & songs on tape right now- Safety Kids & Lion King especially.
Dallinisms: "Bideo Games" (Video Games), "Kaninab" (Kanab), "Scripspurs" (Scriptures)
He CONSTANTLY is asking questions. About anything and everything!

We had such a fun time with his birthday! I love that he's at that perfect age where he really gets into having a birthday party. He really wanted to have a Lightning McQueen party, so I was excited to run with the idea! :) We were going to have it in our backyard, but the day ended up being rainy and yucky, so we went with the back up plan (the church).
Front and inside

When the kids got there, we had "Ramone's Body Art Paint Shop" all set up. I took a bunch of boxes and painted them white the day before, and TONS of little plates black. Then I set out a bunch of paint brushes and some plates with some colored paint, and let them go to town decorating their own cars. :) They were all really creative! :)

The Paint I got dried really fast, so right after, we did a "Radiator Springs Obstacle course":

1st- They ran through Sally's Cones at the "Cozy Cone Motel":

Then went around Luigi's Leaning tower of tires at the "Casa Della Tires":

And finally, they had to hop over the trash at Mater's "Salvage Yard":

The kids were really excited about it and wanted to do it a few times each. Then they went in a long train through the whole course again- Dallin was the leader! :)

After the Obstacle course, we played Sheriff's "Red light, Green light". (I forgot my circles, so painted a few plates real quick! :)

Then- we all took a trip over the "Flo's V-8 Cafe" to get a few treats:

Lightning, Mater, and Tire cupcakes:

Fillmore's "Organic Fuel":

And some of Guido's "Pit Stop Tires":

The kids also got to take home a bag full of Speedway popcorn and their own Piston Cup!

Dallin had such a fun time and talked about it for weeks! So it was all worth it!! :)

On his actual Birthday- April 2nd, we headed over to Cedar for Conference and I made him a birthday cake there... Again... Lightning McQueen! :) He helped me with the cake and it was a lot of fun to make together.

I just love my little guy to pieces and that smile and laugh of his just melt my heart. He's growing up so much lately... Learning so much... Growing taller... asking a LOT of questions about EVERYTHING! I love it...
Hope you had a wonderful birthday Buddy!


We're not robots. said...

You are awesome. Please come throw this exact party for my guy in August. Seriously you are amazing!

Brian and Hillary said...

That looked like a lot of fun. You seem to throw really good parties. You have a great talent with that.

Loved the way you did the cakes, way cute.

Kristen said...

Way cute! You always do such a great job with planning, decorating, and food. Dallin's party looked like a kids dream party. Lala says broom broom.

Garrett and Shelly said...

My goodness this is FABULOUS! Good job Jenna, what a wonderful mommy!!

Brooke Jackson said...

So, just wondering why the heck you don't start a party planning business?!?! SO cute. You always do such a great job, Jenna!

Cameron and Nonie said...

K, totally stealing your party idea. SO fun!

Soper Family said...

So much fun! You went all out, and those kids looked like they loved it! - Ashley

Ragan said...

You are such a cool mom!

Hilary and Scott said...

That is the cutest idea for a party!!! Looks like fun