Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Birthday Date!

This last weekend was so much fun! My friend Autumn and I decided it was about time for us to plan another fun double date. Since it was her husband's birthday on the 16th, and my hubby's birthday on the 25th... We thought we'd do something to celebrate their birthdays. The best part of the whole thing is that our husband were totally surprised by everything we did. It wasn't easy keeping a secret, but it made things a lot more fun!
We tried our best to make a MAN'S DATE... and I think we succeeded! :)

We started off by getting on our backpacks and leading the men outside to two four wheelers. That in itself made the guys really happy! :) We took off- one couple on each- and headed about 5 minutes away to a little place called "White Sands". It's just in the little "cove" behind the main part of town. It's a beautiful little place- we're so lucky to live right among it!

For the first part of the day, we showed the guys a little list that we had prepared:

The deal was that each couple had to take pictures doing all of the certain things named, and then meet back when we were finished. We split into separate couples and spent around 45 minutes driving around by ourselves taking pictures of each thing on the list. This was so much fun! Jeff and I had a great time by ourselves, talking and holding on tight to each other as we drove around! :)

It was a perfect day:

The other cute couple and wonderful friends-
Bruce and Autumn:

And my partner in crime-
My fellow date planner:

After "Completing our mission", we drove over on our four wheelers to another part of town (Mt. Carmel actually) and went over to the Old Rock Church for a steak dinner. Autumn and I had previously set it all up inside earlier that day. The men, again, were totally surprised!
Our theme was "Country Lovin' "... (I can't work without a theme- haha). We thought with four wheeler and steak- it definitely fit! :) We had the table set up and candles and lanterns lighting the way in. We also made a slide show for both of them and had a laptop all set up ready to go as well.

So... Just so you know- These are rootbeer and cream soda bottles... haha...
And funny story about the labels- I was trying to be all creative and make something to represent both of their birthdays- with LOVE FROM us... Instead I made them look like a wedding day label without meaning too- haha...
Oh well... It made for some good laughs...

The women cooked a yummy dinner:
(if I do say so myself...)

We all laughed a LOT and had fun, romantic day!

This is the video we made for the birthday boys:

We all had a wonderful time! Thank you so much guys for sharing the day with us!

And Happy Early Birthday to my Hubby and Late birthday to Bruce!


Jeff Corry said...

Great post honey! It really was a fun day. Thank you so much!

Jake said...

That's really cool. Thanks for sharing.

Judy said...

You are so creative!! Jeff is definitely lucky to have you!

Ann H said...

That looks like so much fun - well done, you two!

I really loved the slide show, totally gave me a chuckle.

Brian and Hillary said...

You both definitely did a good job on that surprise. Good job ladies.

That was really cute and well put together. I enjoyed the slide show. My favorite pictures were of Bruce looking all weird.

Brooke Jackson said...

Jr., You're a stud. The pics brought back a lot of memories. "...good times." Happy Birthday!! Trav

Angie and Kyle said...

Jenna, so cute! You always have the greatest ideas, im sure your hubby's loved it!

katie said...

How fun! Those are the kind of dates that end up being the best! Good job!
Loved the slide show!!