Thursday, March 11, 2010

Murder Mystery...

A few weeks ago, a few days before Valentine's Day,
Jeff and I threw a Murder Mystery Dinner Date for some of our friends.
It turned out so fun!
I set it to a "LOVE BOAT CRUISE" theme, since it was Valentines, and Jeff and I were the rich hosts of the cruise. We all ended up laughing all night and it was fun to do something different! It was so funny to see everyone get into their characters!
The Gang (with the babies):

Eating and Laughing! :

The settings:
I made the fork holders to hold up everyone's booklets :)

Jeff and I- the "rich" hosts...
Nathan and Rachel- Cop and gossip columnist
Karen and Scott- Mortician and Man Stud

Bruce and Autumn- the Avid Treasure Hunters
Brent and Chantelle- the Butler and Maid

Emily and Robert- Our Rich Diva Daughter and Her Obsessed Stalker
Marty and Ann- The Aspiring Singer and Famous Actress

Thank you everyone for coming!
We had a ball!!

Who's up for another round??? :)


Brooke Jackson said...

LOVE the fork/card holder idea. You are SO cleaver!

Autumn Rose said...

That was sooo fun! The pics turned out great! The whole night was great!

Judy said...

Looks like fun. I love murder mystery dinners!

Rachel Mae said...

Thanks again, we had so much fun that night!