Saturday, October 25, 2008

Wild Week...

This last weekend, Jeff had a little bit of a Vacation (Monday and Tuesday off)... But we were busy the entire weekend!
We spent the first half in Vegas for my dad's wedding.
It started Friday with Jeff getting a Sub., and driving to St. George. We picked up my sister Kellie and her husband Garrett, and my brother Scott, and then continued on to drive down to Vegas. The Traffic was unbelievable!! I've never minded driving in normal traffic, but I HATE road-construction traffic... it took us over an hour to get somewhere that usually takes us 10 minutes! Annoying... :) Anyway.
My dad and his now wife- Dana, decided to have their rehearsal dinner at their house. They just built it less than a year ago, and it's such a pretty home. They had their friend cater and it was mostly sushi... Jeff and I have never had sushi before. I opted out, since they recommend not eating sushi when you're pregnant. But Jeff tried a few and said it wasn't bad! Do any of you like sushi? It just looks so weird to me! :)
The night was fun. Mostly Dana's family friends who traveled out for the wedding. It was kind of a different experience since Dallin was the only one under 17 there (and at the wedding and reception). He definitely was the life of the party! One lady was asking Kellie, Garret and I where we were from and we said Utah. She told us that she had only been to Utah a few times and the last time was for her friend's daughter's wedding. She said "She was one of those Mormons- but her wedding was just absolutely beautiful!". I kind of just smiled and then told her that we were all Mormons too. She kind of looked surprised and then said, "Well that explains why you guys are all so nice!!". Haha... I thought it was cute. Towards the end of the night, I was putting Dallin to bed, and told him to go say goodnight to Grandpa... He ended up going around the entire room giving everyone a hug and telling them goodnight. It was really cute.
Me and my Dad at his house:

The next morning, Dana left to get her hair and make-up done, so we took advantage of this last morning with just my dad and went out to breakfast. It was fun just to talk to my Dad, and go shopping for a little while. We went to this outside little shopping mall that had the COOLEST playground for little kids. I didn't bring my camera with me though. I was really bummed. It was a lot of fun and had a mini shrub maze... is that what you call it? And there were tons of miniature buildings for them to play in. It was really neat. If I ever have a big backyard, I want to do something like that.
Dallin got this little "computer" to play and color on at breakfast, and he just went to town typing. haha... Maybe he sees mom too much...:

We got to the little "Chapel of Love" place, and watched the short and simple wedding ceremony. It was fun to actually go to a wedding in little place like that. The Ceremony was actually really nice. Both of their rings were gorgeous!
Here's a few pictures before the Ceremony, and of my dad and Dana right after:

Again- we hit traffic, and Kellie and I almost got hit by a bus! For real- it was maybe an inch away from us! We met Jeff and Garrett at the Venetian (where the reception was) and tried to find our way around! My feet were killing me after being in heels all day!! The reception was beautiful! It was held out on a little garden area outside of the Bouchon Restaurant. It was so elegant (and expensive- haha). I was SOO nervous about having Dallin there, since he's two... but it turned out just fine and he mostly just wanted to dance the whole time.
Part of the reception:

My dad had a DJ there, and also a bongo player playing to the music. It was so different than what I'm used to but it was really neat! Dallin loved the drums... I guess I didn't catch him at a good moment in this picture but he was having a great time when the guy let him do it:

They had an open bar (lucky for us they had other things too... :) But when Garrett asked for a "virgin" drink... the guy just kind of laughed at him. It was sad- haha. The guy at the Open Bar really took a liking to Dallin though and gave him OJ the whole night. It was really cute. He was really nice:

I had to add this picture too- the center peices on the tall tables were so neat. She had these pink jelly ball things, and inside was a light. The picture doesn't do it justice. They looked so neat when it got dark:

The wedding was really nice... It's just kind of weird to have my dad married. Not to mention that she's younger than Jeff (She graduated class of '98- Jeff was '97)... But oh well. I wish them all the happiness! We were glad to be a part of the wedding, and had a really great time down there.
The second part of the weekend was much more relaxing. We drove back to St. George and stayed at Kellie and Garretts, and went to church with them in the morning. They have such a nice ward! Then we all went over to my grandma's for dinner. I love eating there! :) Yummy!
The next day we went to Iceburg with Kell and did a little shopping- came home and hung out for a while. That night we had family night with everybody (including my cousins Brooke and Justin), and roasted marshmallows and played a game called "Imagine If". It was a great evening! We always have such a nice time at my Parents house.

Anyway- That was a pretty long- for the posterity- kind of a post. But just wanted to let you all what we were up to last weekend. And for those in my dad's family that wanted to see some pictures.


Kristen said...

I am glad you had fun with your weekend. Your little boy is so cute and loving. I'm sure he will be great with your baby girl. I am bummed that we didn't get together. We ended up not going up until Thursday and unfortunately the three times I called your phone was busy.:( On the bright side we will probably go up one more time so I have another shot of seeing your house.

Lindsey said...

looks like the wedding was beautiful!! I'm excited to see the belly get bigger... even though we're far away! And for the record, I quite like sushi... :)

Sean & Lacey said...

I'm not a fan of sushi but Sean loves it...the wedding looks like it was pretty! Crazy!