Sunday, October 26, 2008

Baby update!... And Dallin too... :)

HALFWAY THERE!!! :) I'm 20 weeks! (almost 21)

I'm sure everyone is probably getting sick of my belly shots... But I only have like 5 pictures of me with being pregnant with Dallin... So I'm making up for it with this baby! :) Here's my belly this last week. I feel like all of a sudden I'm totally popping out. My skin feels too small to fit everything! Which means I'm probably getting MORE stretch marks... :) What a mother does for her children... haha.
Here's a few pictures from our ultrasound. Some people get so confused when they look at these things, so I'll explain them for any of you who are confused too :)

Here's her cute little face. The cord kept getting in front of her face... So looking at this picture you can see her left eye socket, her little nose (with nose holes :), her little smiling mouth, cheeks and her chin- which I think is mine :)... That long tube looking thing in front of her right eye is part of the cord and something else- haha- I didn't quite understand what the tech was saying... She's such a little wiggle worm - so this is the best we could get. :)

This is her left hand. The arm comes down out of the right corner and you can see her little finger bones and her thumb in the distance... Get this one?

And of course- here's her foot. :)

Anyway- Just some cute little pics... We got more, but these were the ones I could explain the easiest. :)

Also- I thought I'd include a few random things from Dallin. :) I think he has a little bit of a perfectionist in him... He was playing with his cars and I looked over and this is what I found...

Haha... Perfectly lined up by color and everything. He does this quite a bit and just makes me laugh.
Here's a little movie too. Jeff and I were on our way home from our long weekend, and Dallin kept singing "Kwinkle, Kwinkle Little Star" over and over again for about ten minutes. I tried to get some of it on Video without him noticing... Jeff and I just love his high little voice- haha.


Brooke Jackson said...

Don't you love it when they just start singing. His voice is pretty dang cute too! I made you some halloween blocks, now I just need to mail them to you!

The Robinson Family said...

It looks like you have another HOPE Choir star in the making.

Jeff Corry said...

Man our Dallin is a sweet boy. I sure love him! I am really glad you keep our family "history" updated! I love you Jenna!

Jer & Mick said...

you look so cute! I loved knowing i was halfway there!! good luck

Valeri Crockett said...

Congrats on being half way! Your belly is getting cute and cuter by the day:) How fun! I have a hard time believing there are women out there that don't get stretch marks. . . they feel so unavoidable!! Did you do some fruit leather?

Sheri said...

Looking GREAT at 20 weeks! I wish I looked like that when I was 20 weeks!