Thursday, October 2, 2008

Randomness... :)

There's a few pictures that I've wanted to post, but they don't really have to do with anything... So here's a bit of randomness... :)

Dallin has had this habit lately of hiding under his blanket to go to sleep. He'll burrow down under the covers to drink his milk and stay like that until he falls asleep. He's been really funny about it.

Here's Dallin with two of his best friends; Brielle and Karlie. He loves these guys! I haven't had a car the last couple of weeks, so Chantell (their mom) has been picking me up to take me to the school for Drama. So Dallin has the chance to see them everyday! I just thought they all look so cute in this picture.

One day, I tried out this thing called a "Muffin Tin Lunch". Basically- A lunch in a muffin tin... :) Dallin loved it! I never knew such a simple idea could make a kid so excited to eat. I put something different in each compartment- Cut up Ham, Cheese, Crackers, Raisins, Nilla Wafers and a Muffin- and he could make little sandwiches or eat them separate. It was a fun way to have lunch and I'll definitely do it again!

And lastly, Jeff and I finally broke down a bought 1/4 of a cow. :) I know some of you look at this and think we're crazy! But it's so great! We got almost 200 lbs of meat, and all of it was $2.00 a lb- Including the steaks and roasts! So 40 lbs. of ground beef, 40-something steaks- including Filet Minot and New York Primes and some others, 9 LARGE roasts, 2 big packs of Ribs, some cube steak, stew meat, and meat for stir fry. Anyway- It's kind of a big lump sum to pay, but it will save us so much money in the long run- especially with all prices going up!! Also- the cow was raised locally, so it was given no hormones or added stuff- the meat tastes awesome! Anyway- If you ever want to buy meat like this- I definitely recomend it! I'll let you know where to go! :)


The Robinson Family said...

That muffin tin lunch idea sounds like fun. I'll have to try that when James is a little bit older. That is cool that you got so much meat for so cheap. That is great to have so much food storage.

Jane said...

Holy cow! (Oh geez, I totally didn't mean for that to be a pun) If you guys got that much from 1/4 of a cow, I'm gonna be stocked for years with my whole cow! LOL! Hmmmm, maybe I could sell some of it off to my friends around here.