Monday, May 19, 2008

Mama's day!

Happy Late Mothers day to all of my family and friends who have kiddos, or will have kiddos some day soon! What a great holiday! I love it.
Especially Happy Mother's day to my own mom. I love her so much, and she's always there when I need her. She has always been such a great mom, and has given up so much to give to us kids. When life was rough, she held our family together so tight. I really look up to her. Of course she has her quirks... :) But as goofy as she is, she makes me so happy. I love you so much mom. Thanks for all you have done for us, and continue to do everyday. Happy Mother's Day.

I can't believe I've celebrated 3 Mother's days already! On my first Mother's day, Dallin turned 6 weeks old, and he was getting blessed that day. I woke up to feed him that morning, and it wasjust him and I awake. I was talking to him a little bit, and I told him that daddy was blessing him. And that was the first day he really smiled. What a great Mother's day gift!
I had another wonderful Mothers Day this year. The reason I got so far behind in my blogging is because every time I got on the computer, I was trying to figure out Adobe Photoshop to makemy mother-in-laws Mother's Day gift. I really wanted to do something special for her since nobody does that often. I decided to have all the kids, grandkids, and Jeff's dad write down their favorite memory, and/or why they loved their mom/grandma/spouse. It turned out to be a ton of work... (30 scrapbook pages in three days- and learning how to used the program), but I lovedhow it turned out. And so did she. It's so satisfying to give gifts that bring on the tears... :)Obviously, I'm not going to post all 30 pages, but here's a few:

I also was busy making my mom's mother's day gift. I made her a "Happy Day Jar", and all of us (me, Jeff, Dallin, Kellie, Garrett, and Scott) all wrote 20 things that we love about my mom/memories/etc. Then I cut them all into strips, so she can read one every day, and always know how much we love her and how happy she makes us. It was a lot of fun... Again... One of those tear gifts. :)

As for me, Jeff completely surprised me this year. He's such a great husband and always does little things to show me he's thinking of me... but he's never done a big surprise like this. On Saturday while we were in Cedar, He took Dallin out while I took a nap. I woke up a little bit later to Dallin holding a white present bag. I was a little confused and had no idea what wasinside. I looked inside and found two small boxes. I thought to myself... "No way"... But Jeff- like I said- TOTALLY surprised me and got me earrings and a necklace... Like- REAL jewelry from a jewelry store- haha. I was kind of in shock- but I was so impressed!! I loved them!
On Sunday, we got to talk to Danny in Germany in the morning, went to church, and then went down to St. George. We had a little picnic with my whole family. We had a really good time. Here's some more pics from the weekend.

Sorry... Super long post... But oh well... :)


Josh and Amber said...

Your mother's day gifts turned out so great! You are very crafty! Glad you had a happy mother's day!

The Askeroth Family said...

I love the scrapbook! Are those digital scrapbook pages? I'm sure your mom-in-law loved that! I love the gift for your mom, too. If only I was that creative! :-)

Angie and Kyle said...

The gifts you made are absolutely darling!!

Sean & Lacey said...

Cute Cute Cute book that you made! Was it all digital? I love it and I want to start digital scrapbooking soooooo bad since I don't do it the regular way, the blog is as good as it gets for me!

Lacee said...

I'm sorry this is a bit odd and you have no clue who I am. I promise I'm not a blog stocker I was just browsing Natasha Cuff's friends and came across yours. I think we even went to highschool at SC together? You look really familiar. How did you make this book? Is it digital? I want to make a scrapbook so bad and that looks GREAT!!!!