Monday, May 19, 2008

Funny little man...

My little man has some funny days. He's changing so much and is getting more and more personality all the time. Lately, he's really started to play and use his imagination a lot. He was playing with legos this week and made a little "mound" of blocks, and then started to stack a bunch on top of each other on the top. He showed me his creation, and said "Mama- a dara-dope..." I looked at him wondering what in the world "dara-dope" meant... and then it hit me... "A Parascope??"... "Ya! I dara-dope!". He also made me tall tower of legos the other day and brought it into me singing "La La Mama... Take Mama" and then showed me how to blow out the candles on my birthday "take". He makes me laugh. Here's a few videos of last week too. Just Dallin being Dallin... Enjoy.
Also: After I took this picture, I realized that my kid is still dirty... and he's in the tub... Oh well...

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