Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Three years ago!

Well everyone... Three years ago today, my wonderful husband proposed to me! I can't believe it's already been three years.
Jeff had totally picked out the ring on his own, and I really didn't know when he was going to pop the question... but I did know that it was being sized down to my chicken bone size three... Earlier that day, he told me he had to go to the dentist, but went and picked up my ring. We had planned to drive up to our friend's - Sam and Jami- cabin that night to hang out with them, so we started up the mountain. We were having a wonderful conversation, and the sunset was absolutely perfect! Now... Jeff and I had to set a few rules for ourselves throughout our course of dating... *No kissing on the couch*, *Tried to be in by a certain time*, *No kissing in the car*... Well, as we rounded this corner on the mountain, and saw this beautiful sunset, he suddenly slowed down the car and said "I can't take it anymore!". He parked the car and got out and came around to my door. You see... I just thought that he wanted to kiss me (ok- make out or something) and he couldn't handle it anymore and had to stop the car since we couldn't IN the car... Well- little did I know that he had the ring in his pocket. As I went to reach around his neck, he suddenly got down on one knee and asked "Jenna, will you marry me?" I was completely shocked! All I kept saying was "yes, Yes, YES!!!" (I sort of freaked him out with my enthusiasm... haha) It was a wonderful moment that had no need for planning! We were married three months later.
I love this man with all my heart... I'm so glad that I ended up going to SUU, randomly decided to join HOPE choir- after being persuaded by Brother Mac, and got put with him to do Choreography... It seems like so many people had a hand in putting us together... especially the Lord. I'm so greatful for him!! I love you my honey.


Jenna Marie said...

A very nice story, I love you too!
From your Honey.

Graham and Kate said...

Of course I remember you silly! :)
You're family is so cute! Are you guys still around St.George? Working or just staying home with your little guy? Anywho.. I hope your doing well. Thanks for saying Hi!