Thursday, March 27, 2008

One year older...

Jeff turned 29 years old on Tuesday! One more year to go until he's the big 3-0! Crazy. Unfortunately, I had Drama Competition all day on his birthday, so I was gone to Piute. It was a bummer, since I usually go down to his classroom... But I think everything turned out to be fun anyway. Before we left to St. George, I secretly decorated his classroom all up so he had that when he got to school on Tuesday. On his Birthday morning, I also made him a little special breakfast before I left. I talked to his aide, and his class had a little surprise party all set with a birthday cake and balloons for him too. His Aide, Mrs. Hafen, is awesome! Dallin was sick, so that wasn't very fun... But Hopefully he had a great day anyway.

While we were in St. George a few days before, my mom watched Dallin, and Jeff and I went out on a date... A REAL, LIVE, DATE! It was wonderful! (It had been a while... :) We had such a great time. Jeff picked Panda Express to have for his dinner. So we got it to-go, and took it up on the Red Dixie Hill at the Pioneer Park. We sat down just in time to eat at sunset and to look at the view. It was so beautiful and romantic... :) We had a fun time hiking around for a while. We also went to Fiesta Fun and walked around for a little bit. Jeff had never been! Crazy for me, since that's like one of the original date places in St. George. Then we went and got shakes at Charlies. It was so much fun to feel like we were back into the life of dating again... haha. We love our little man for sure, but I must admit that it's fun to get away sometimes.

Also- I must include this for Jeff... For his birthday (Lucky for him it was tax return time)... He got a new T.V. He has wanted one for quite a while, and I finally gave in. And Honey- I do admit- I like it a lot... :) Happy Birthday Hon! I love you.

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