Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dear Blog...

I've missed you greatly and sincerely apologize for my lack of communication with you for the last 6 months. This is not the way I wanted our relationship to turn out. But alas, I had others that were more important for you for the last while.

It's wasn't you... It was me...

But please give me another chance! I would love for our relationship to turn around! To become better than it ever was! To be more honest with each other...
I'm open to counseling...

Love, Jenna

P.S. To show that I'm really trying, I made a few posts the last two days! See? I'm ready to make anew!
'Tis the Season
Forgotten Carols
New Niece
Ran to the Dom

If you accept my apology, meet me tonight- Same time, same place as usual...


Emily Grant said...

I'm glad you're blogging again! Good for you for trying so hard to catch up! I quit blogging for a while too, but just picked up where I am now and didn't worry about what I missed :)

Anyway, you have such a cute family and I always love seeing the cute things you do on your blog :)

Ann H said...

Too cute, I love the letter to your blog. Great to see you blogging again! (Did I show you the blog book I just had printed?) It's our family history, babay.

Heidi said...

Love the updates! You seriously have two of the cutest kids alive!

Jeff Corry said...

Oh. I thought you were going to maybe blog last night! I am just giving you a semi-hard time. I love you.

Anonymous said...

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Fun Pen said...

Don't stress over it... it supposed to be fun! Express yourself when you can, but most of all enjoy!

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