Thursday, October 4, 2007

We're back!!

Hello everyone! Wow... ok... I know it took me a long time to post again since our last one, but I got so tired of waiting and hour or more for one picture to upload! So... I got lazy and didn't post for a long time. But now- Jeff and I finally decided to upgrade to a fast internet, so I'm able to do this a LOT easier!
We had a great summer! It was hard to see it end, but also great to start school. I wanted to put a few pictures of our highlights of the rest of the summer: (Sorry there's a lot- like I said- we had a great summer!)

We were able to go to the lake with our friends the Blodgetts this summer. We had so much fun! We were out there all day, and even got all four kids to fall asleep at the same time for and hour and a half. It was great! :) Dallin didn't know what to think of the water though. Give him time I suppose... :)
It was also Mine and Jeff's 2 year anniversary! Woohoo!

My family goes up to Pine Valley every year for my great-grandma Ilean's birthday. This year she turned 86. Doesn't she look great?! We also took a family picture of everyone, including Kellie's boyfriend, Garrett.

Jeff's family has a huge family reunion every year up at his family's property. It lasts three days and there are so many people there! We had a great time. This is Jeff's dad and his famous hat that Dallin loved.
Jeff's "little" Brother Danny left on his mission to Germany in July. He's going to be a great missionary! (He's inbetween me and Laura.)

We went with the Blodgetts again on a one night camping trip, on our neighbor Norman's property. The kids and us had a lot of fun. We even went on a little hike to a place where there was a cabin over a hundred years old... Well what was left of it. It finally collapsed this last winter in a snow storm.
I just thought this picture was cute... :) He's reading about his favorite thing, in his favorite person's hat (daddy!).

Well, Our summer is over, and now we're into the school year! Jeff and I are both busy bees as usual. Jeff has an awesome third grade class this year, and he has a great time with them! They went to the Grand Canyon on a field trip yesterday. I'm busy with being the cheer advisor and drama teacher! Talk about a full plate! :) I only have six girls on our squad, but trust me, even six girls can have hormones! And drama is going really well. We are doing "The Wiz" this year. It's a musical, and it's like a "hipper" version of "Wizard of Oz". Our performances are next month, but I know it's going to come fast.

Dallin is changing SOOO much. He just turned 18 months this week. He says around 50-60 words now, and a few sentences. His favorites (of course) are "What's that?", and "Where's Dada?", and "That's Cool Dude" (instead of doing a thumbs up, he puts his pointer finger out). He's also really good and "Please" and "Thank-you"! :) He's jabbering ALL the time, and constantly learning new things! He knows his abc's up to E, and "one, two, three, GO", and a few shapes like the start, circle, and flower. It amazes me! He loves to sing "Hokey Pokey", "Three Little Monkeys", and "Three in the Bed". He sure is a funny guy.

Anyway- I know this is a super long blog, but I definately needed to catch up!


Lindsey said...

Dallin is So cute!! I love that video of him... "where you go? where you go?" :D He makes me smile.

Jessica said...

Oh my goodness! I can't believe how big Dallin is getting! And saying so many words! How cool is that! I'm so glad you're back online! I was wondering if you'd given up blogging! Are you still having to wait on pictures to upload online? You can see if your computer has an option to reduce the size of your picutres and that always helps speed up the process. Anyway, yay! I'm so glad you're here! I think about you guys often! I'm glad to see you're doing well! ;^) Jess

tyler said...

Hey Jeff or Elder Correy as I remember you, hope you don't mind me dropping you a post. Anyway I just wanted to let you know that with my little girls, I got the "Leapster Letter Factory" which goes over all the letters and their sounds. it was amazing how quickly they learned not only the sound but which ones were which by sight (if that makes any sense) well it was good to see your lil family, if you get the chance, check out mine.