Monday, October 15, 2007

Future Chef of America

The last couple of days, Dallin has been really interested in what Mommy is making. So He's been helping me with the easy parts of Dinner. Hey- never too early to start I guess! :) He'll definitely be ready when his mission and college come, and he has to cook on his own! Here's a few of his "helping moments" (although I don't know if I totally call it HELPING... ) The other night we had some scones, and he helped me flatten out the dough. He's pretty good at it! :) He liked to put them in a pile afterwards, and he really wanted to eat the dough. By the time the scones were ready though, he didn't want to eat them anymore. Tonight, was breakfast night. He mixed up the pancake batter for me, (while flicking half of it across the room)! :) He also decided that while I wasn't looking, that he was going to further his art abilities by painting with syrup on the table... After I cleaned it up, I realized that I should have taken a picture of it... :). Good thing he had an apron on I guess. He sure is getting bigger and bigger (and much more independent) everyday.

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