Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pioneer Day...

Here in Utah, the 24th of July is a big deal!
Brigham Young and many pioneers came into Utah on July 24, 1847,
and declared, "This is the Place"...

And on the 24th, Utah is definitely the place to be!

This year, I was in charge of the 24th's festivities here in Orderville. It was kind of a big job and there were many activities throughout the day. But it was a lot of fun!

First- The parade.
Thankfully- I had a lot of help with the Primary for this one.
We had a great turnout!
Jeff took Dallin and Allison and made a float to
represent his calling- Ward Mission Leader.
(This just tells you how much Dallin wanted his picture taken...)

I also had a float with my fellow "Music Man" Cast members...
(More on that later...)
I can't tell you how many people commented about my heels after the parade... They really aren't THAT bad to walk in... :)

Next, I planned a program down at the Church house. Our good friend, Bruce Rose, did it again and made an awesome poem!! I tried to get the video to upload. It's hilarious! But for some reason it wouldn't work. So here is text version of the Poem he wrote:

"With Brigham in charge the church headed west
Six days they would travel, the seventh they'd rest
From a peep out his wagon Brig said "It's the place"
His driver responded with a smirk on his face

"Sir please look again, I'm sure this won't do
This place ain't got nothin' compared to Nauvoo
I can tell by the looks of that lake that it's salty
And the gaps in them hills indicate that they're faulty

I'll bet the winter's real cold, the summer like Haiti
I suggest we don't exit, let's stay on I-80."

Brig told him "Cheer up! Don't be such a spazz
In no time at all, we'll have things like the Jazz!
We'll build a big temple with a visitor's center
With sliding glass doors for the Gentiles to enter

"We'll have a few trials we'll have to endure
Like big, pesky crickets, and a government war
Cuz the feds will get ticked and they will despise
That Ol' Brutha Brigham has 56 wives

"We'll start BYX to carry the mail
We'll pack temple stones into town via rail
Self sufficient and able, we'll share all our stuff
And make for sure everyone here has enough

"This place will be filled with fun things to do
Like Lagoon and Snowbird, and even a zoo!

"This place will be known for hard work and low crime
We'll stay out of trouble, but still have a good time
We'll have fine universities, I'll call mine BYU
But this football season I'll put fifty bucks on the "U"

Most important we'll make it a home that is happy
We can't have our people feel gloomy or crappy
"So we'll strive for what's right, all with one accord
Let's make this place bloom in the name of the Lord

Now driver, drive on! There's so much to do
There's none of this cool stuff back there in Nauvoo

"This place is now home, think of it as heaven
On the first Pioneer Day, 1847
This day will be special, and soon you'll see why
Each year when we celebrate the 24th of July."

-Bruce Rose

Jeff, and our friends Robert and Emily also put together a beautiful musical number. I kept getting interrupted by my little miss, so sorry it's shaky and cut off...
I LOVE my husband's voice though... :)
He makes my knees weak...

I also put together a slideshow to
Dave Tinney's, "Prayer of the Walking Child"...
I love this song and really wanted to share it.

Right after the program, there was a big party down at the park.
The Young Women put together a wonderful lunch for everyone. I also put together a bunch of pioneer activities for the children (and adults) to take part in:

There was a "Home-Made Ice-Cream" Station where we put the ice cream ingredients in a small bag, and ice and salt in a bigger bag around it. You squish it around for about 5 minutes, and then enjoy your ice-cream! It was a big hit!

There was also a "Rag Doll" Station. There were lots of little girls and some boys constantly around this table! It was really fun to see them carrying around their dolls all day!

A lot of the kids enjoyed making "Whirligigs".

We also had "Horse and Buggy" rides...

A "Stick-Pull" contest (Wow! Those men really got into it!!) :)...

And "Butter Making". A local family donated their cream from their cow and we "churned" it in babyfood jars. It was fun to see it happen before our eyes!

It took a while... :)

To end the day, we celebrated with a HUGE free dinner for everyone in town! We had an awesome spread of Roast Beef, Dutch Oven Potatoes, Salad, Watermelon, Homemade rolls, and 10,000 desserts to choose from! I loved watching everyone hanging out and enjoying each other while eating and listening to Blue Grass... It was awesome. I was too busy running around to take pictures, but I was SOOO glad the day turned out nice! :)

I can't imagine being a Pioneer. Heavenly Father definitely knew that I couldn't handle it... that's why I'm here today instead of 150 years ago! But I'm grateful for all of their sacrifices and determination to put together a wonderful place for us to raise our family! :)


The Augustus' said...

looks like fun!! So weird to think I was having my own labor at the hospital that day. haha!

Kristen said...

You really have a talent for planning and hosting events. Sometimes I get tired just reading about what you are up to.

We so need to plan a get together.

I'm glad you were able to go to have fun at the cabin in Zion. I hoped that you would since you have been working hard.

katie said...

Love the poem! Looks like you had a fun time! Miss you guys!!