Monday, August 3, 2009

Lakin' it...

Ahhh... Summer...

Temps rising above 110...

So what do we do about it?
Go Lakin' of course! :)

This weekend we finally got to go out to my grandma's houseboat after delaying the trip a couple of times. We went out to Lake Powell on Friday with Kellie, Garrett and Connor, and met my Grandma Apple Valley and my Papa Bill out there on their boat.
Garrett, Allison, Kellie and Connor:

The Kiddos:

Connor- 3 weeks... Isn't he so cute??

(P.S. Background on the names- I had so many grandparents when I was little, that I kind of just made up names for some of my grandparents. Papa Bill was a name that he already had with some of his other grandkids, so I called him that too. Since they were living in Apple Valley at the time, I just started calling my grandma, Grandma Apple Valley. I did that with my Grandma Gumball too since she had a Gumball machine. It made sense to my little mind at the time. :)
Papa Bill and Grandma Apple Valley:

Then, a little later, my Mom and Darrell, and my Aunt Kate with her two boys, Matt and Carson, and her daughter Brooke with her friend Taylor, all showed up too.
Mom and Darrell with Dallin:

My mom always brings fun things to do to play with Dallin. He loves it!
Feeding the Ducks, and playing with Water:

Katie (with her "stripper hat" as she called it), Carson, and Matt...
and Brooke and Taylor:

It was pretty hot when we got there, but by the time the sun started to go down we were all starting to have so much fun! We had an awesome dinner- ka-bobs, corn on the cob, potatoes, bread, salad... MMMMmmm! My grandma definitely out did her self!
Stud-Muffin Grillin' on the Barbie:

My sis and her hubby, and then with me and kiddos:
(Don't worry... she's only three weeks out from having a baby and looks amazing, and was wearing a bikini already. I give you permission to hate her too. :)

At first, we weren't planning on spending the night, but we were all having so much fun- so us and Kellie and Garrett decided to book a hotel in Page... problem was, there was nothing available!! Luckily, my Aunt had already booked a hotel, but her kids now wanted to spend the night on the houseboat. She decided she'd hang out there with them and give us the room! She was awesome!! So we all bunked up in one room that was definitely
Seriously... it looked so much worse when we pulled up in the middle of the night! We were all kind of freaked out. :) There were crazies all over the place, and we had to park in the back of the hotel, where we could see hangers stuck in the window so people wouldn't break in. It was crazy. But it turned out just fine in the end! :) It looked a lot better when I went out to take pictures the next day.

The next day, we busted out the boats and went across the lake to a cute little cove. We rode on the tube, and floated around in the water. Darrell, Allison, and I also went for a spin on the boat. Dallin was so cute and hung out with Papa Darrell and Daddy the whole time. He also made some pretty sweet "mud-castles" with cousin Matt. Allison was hungry and tired, and too hot to do anything about the two, but she LOVED playing in the water! This girly is a little fish! Her favorite was when the waves when splash on her legs.
Driving with Papa Darrell:

Hangin' with Daddy and Papa Darrell:

Having fun! Tayor, Garrett, and Brookie Cookie:

Jeff before his wild ride:

The Ladies! Playing in the water, and relaxing in the shade:

"Hi Mom!":

Standing all by herself!

Trying to make herself happy with a cold can of Cactus Cooler:

My funny, cute grandma floating around:

When we got back to the houseboat, we ate some lunch and surprised my grandma for her 67th birthday with a birthday cake and some ice-cream made in an ice-cream ball. These things are so much fun! We also got her her own ice-cream ball to have for whenever she has company on the boat. She loved it! :) Happy Birthday Grandma!

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Sean & Lacey said...

HAHAHA we stayed at that same motel, nothing else was open, we all took a while to dare walk barefoot there! (before we were there, they left my sister's room door wide open after cleaning it...very nice) HA, so funny. Cute pictures, looks like you guys had a lot of fun!