Friday, March 27, 2009

You're 30!!

On Wednesday, My honey turned 30...
Yes... The big
And I succeeded in throwing him a surprise party!

(thanks Rachel for the invite idea!)
I thought that he would totally catch on, because I'm really not a good liar. After school, Jeff often goes downstairs in the basement to his "man-cave" (our T.V. room) to chillax with his Nintendo. So on Monday, I told him that I'd just call him up when dinner was ready. Meanwhile- upstairs- I finished the cupcakes, blew up balloons, and had everyone quietly waiting in the front room. When it was "time for dinner", up he came, and boy was he surprised! :)
His awesome cupcakes:

I was so happy that I actually got away with it! The evening was a lot of fun, and thank you to all of our great friends who came over to celebrate!

On his birthday, I always make him a breakfast and have something sitting out on the table for him. This year- I knew I'd be pretty out of it in the morning after being up all night... So I got him his favorite cereal, and a birthday tower of doughnuts... I also had his birthday gift (some new work-out/lounge clothes, and a coupon for a new pair of shoes... and a foot rub before he wears them for the first time). He also got some "goodies" for his X-box and Wii that he bought himself.

To complete the day, Dallin and Allison also sent him balloons at school, and that night I made yummy crepes for dinner!
I hope you had a wonderful 30th birthday! I love you more and more everyday. I'm so lucky to have such a wonderful man in my life. You're a great Daddy- our kids love you so much... And you do so much for me... especially lately with the baby here. You'll really never know how much you mean to me... Happy Birthday! I love you!


Marci ann said...

your so cute jenna! you do all kinds of neat things for your hubby...i love stealing all your ideas!!!!! i wish we lived closer so we could do more fun things together 8(
i am going to be planning nick a birthday party for his 25th so if you have any ideas lemme know!!

The Askeroth Family said...

Jenna you are the best wife! What a fun idea! Isaac and I got a good laugh at the invites and the cupcakes...How fun! Not to mention very ambitious for a mommy to a newborn!

Jeff Corry said...

Thanks honey! You are a crazy woman! I loved that my posing pictures could come in handy for a little fun. I love you!

Jake said...

Looks like a good time. Happy birthday Jeff. I've got to say you look more like your dad with every picture that gets posted. I swear I saw that smirk in the last picture (with the kids) a hundred times growing up especially in German class.

Matt and Alex said...

Yes that would be fine if you added us.
And thank you.