Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Time for a Tag...

Kristen tagged me a little while ago, and I just haven't done it yet... So here you go:

weird things about me
1. I seriously dislike overhead lights! Lamps and candles are so much better... and now Christmas tree lights!
2. I usually have to have my pajamas match... my mom always told me... "What if there was a fire?"- I'd at least want to have a matching outfit on for the next couple days... :)
3. I always cut the plastic that comes around pop cans. If they're left intact, they can strangle ducks and other animals... :)
4. I can't use the same towel two days in a row. It grosses me out.
5. I secretly think I should have been a dancer... Sometimes I almost lose my breath watching people dance amazing choreography.
6. I've always wanted to be an undercover FBI agent.
7. When I see an "owie"... even a scratch... my bum hurts.

10 years ago
1. I was twelve and in 7th grade.
2. I still had a good knee and was playing lots of sports- probably basketball at this time of year.
3. My best friends were Mallory Izatt and Lacey Gubler.
4. I had a crush on Zane Baum and Micheal Henderson.
5. I was obsessed with the game Mall Madness, and the movies "Titanic" and "Fried Green Tomatoes".
Ten years ago (ish):

5 things on my to do list
1. Finish the dishes I started.
2. Read my Scriptures
3. Take a shower. A LONG one... :)
4. Finish my Christmas list
5. Pack for our Thanksgiving trip

5 snacks I enjoy:
(Oh boy... with being pregnant this changes everyday! At this moment though...)
1. Wheat Thins and Crab Salad
2. any thing with Chocolate and Carmel together
3. Harvest Cheddar Sun Chips
4. Orange Juice
5. Rice Crispy Treats

5 things I would do if I was a Millionaire
1. Build a house!!!
2. Put money down for school- Jeff's Masters, and the rest of my schooling, and for our kids (also their missions and weddings).
3. Take my whole family, and Jeff's whole family on a fun vacation.
4. Hire a maid to come in and deep clean once a week. :)
5. Give to other people and organizations. There's so much to be done!

5 places I have lived
(I put 6)
1. All over Orange County, CA
2. Santa Clara Heights, Swiss Dr.
3. Santa Clara Heights, Swiss Dr. (We moved up the street to my step-dad's house when they got married)
4. Manzanita 3B, Cedar City
5. Jeff's parents' basement, Cedar City
6. Orderville, UT

5 jobs I have had
1. Babysitting
2. Waitress at Mongolian BBQ
3. Waitress at Garden House in Cedar
4. Kindergarten Aid at Valley Elementary in Orderville
5. Drama Teacher at Valley High School (Also the Cheer adviser last year)

I tag my husband Jeff, Camie, Emily, Jami Sue, and Sam and Jami Barker


Errin said...

ohh my gosh, I cant believe you had a crush on Zane Baum, that cracks me up, he is one of my husbands distant freinds and well let me just say he isnt the best looking anymore, I think he is on drugs, and weighs like 95 pounds! hehe, I like how you have to wear matching pajamas in case of a fire too, I would be screwed if I had a fire, all I wear is undies. haha! ok to personal! sorry! :)

Cameron and Nonie Gay said...

Lovin the Leisure Services uniform. I wonder if they're still making kids wear those or if they've upgraded after all these years?

Jamie said...

ok- I just saw the tag! We will be doing it soon :)

Jamie Sue said...

I did the tag last night, go check it out.