Monday, August 4, 2008

Rest of July Catch-up...

I think it's about time I update again. :) In our lives, especially in the summer, a lot happens in two weeks. I'll just do the highlights though. :)
First: I missed a birthday shout out to Laura, my sister-in-law. Happy 18th Laura! :)
The 24th:
We had a really good day. For the first time, I got to come to an Orderville celebration without having to perform or be in charge of anything. It was very nice. The whole day I felt lost because I couldn't remember what I was doing for last years 24th. Then later that night I remembered I had my tonsils out. :) Guess I blocked that out pretty well. Jeff was on the Elders Quorum "float". (a truck they all just jumped on with a wood splitter attached to the back. :) He looked cute though. It was fun to watch the parade with Dallin. There was a program at the church, lunch and a water slide at the park, and a free dinner at the park again that night with an old fashioned band. It just turned out to be a nice relaxing day...

Jeff's dad, Jeff, and My dad, Alan also both had their birthdays on the same day-July 30th. Jeff turned 59, and my dad turned 53. Hope they both had a wonderful day. I wasn't able to be with my dad since he's in Vegas, but here's a picture of him, and a picture of Jeff getting up the gusto to blow out ALL of those candles!
Another Highlight: Jeff's brother's wedding!

Jeff's Brother Nate got married this weekend. We were all so happy for him. He married a really cool girl named Monica who is from Canada, and is the only member in her family. It was fun to meet her family, and hear their fun accents. :) The day went really well for them (not so well for us- Dallin had the Flu. Luckily he felt better for the evening though). They were married in the St. George Temple, and had a luncheon and reception in Cedar. Jeff and his brothers and his friend Brandon sang the same song to Monica and he sang to me at our reception. I ran out of memory, but here's part of the song. I love my husband's voice. :)

Here's a few picture of the reception. Don't our little guys look so cute Judy? :)

I just so happened to stumble on this awesome lighting from the window. With the light coming in, it made everything else in the background go black. It was really cool.

And Monica forgot her Garter and couldn't find it anywhere, so Nate pulled a Jeff and threw his tie. Dallin was the stud who caught it. :) I seriously hope he's not the next one from that bunch to get married! :)

And- I wanted to shock everyone- I made my first wedding cake ever. Ok- my first REAL cake ever! I had never used fondant before, and I was pretty scared to have my "tryout" on somebody's wedding cake. Jeff's mom was planning on making the cake, and after being completely stressed out with everything (She did everything for the wedding!), she asked me and Laura to help, and we ended up doing all of it. :) I think it turned out pretty well for my first time though! Of course there are a few mess-ups, but come on- it's my first time!! :) I'll just know better next time!

Anyway- Kind of a long, boring, for posterity update. But I had to let everyone know I hadn't fallen off the planet. And to end on a really good note- I'm feeling a lot better! Just really super tired lately. I'm glad we had such a great month. This is why July is one of my favorites...
I July! :)


Josh & Analee said...

Jenna! Your cake looks really awesome! I love it!

Josh and Amber said...

Your cake turned out awesome! I love it too! You did a great job!

Jennifer said...

Look at you and your cake making! So pretty!

Mike and Hilary said...

So I love holidays in small towns! The Fourth and Twenty Fourth were boring in our big city!

Nick&Kristin said...

The cake looked awesome. It was good to see you guys. Guess the wedding luncheon song is quite the tradition with those corry house boys...nick sang it to me at ours with Jeff, Tristan,and Nate. I LOVED it! :)

Kristen said...

I love the cake, and the colors are absolutely beautiful. I myself have never experimented with fondant or an icing bag. Yikes. Your little guy looks really handsome all dressed up. I enjoyed your pictures.

The Askeroth Family said...

Wow, I am very impressed by your cake making skills - that is a beautiful cake! You should go into business. :) said...

i haven't seen you guys in forever it seems like.
your cake looks awesome.
you'll be doing my cake at my wedding
and paige will be catering. (in the future:] )
i decided!
well i love you guys soo much.
and i wanted to tell you i finally,
i got a blog.
it doesn't really have anything on it.
but its there.
heres the url-
well i love you guys.
tell everyone hello for me.


Lindsey said...

Yay for wedding! :) I love that song. :) It makes me smile all big. :D and I LOVE Dallin's face in the picture of him and James! I have the cutest nephews ever! I say that a lot...but it's true!!