Saturday, July 5, 2008

Blog Worthy?

Well, I guess I got a little behind again. Here's a few things in the Corry home that I thought were "blog-worthy". :)

First: We finally got our piano to our house! Yay! It's been at my mom's, getting hauled from house to house, without getting played, and we finally got a truck set up to bring it to Orderville. (Thank you so much Ann!!) I can't tell you how nice it's been! It's amazing what a piano will do to a house; it makes it so much more "Home-y". After getting a check up by the piano doctor (3 hours to tune!) it's healthy and ready to be played!

Next: It was my great-grandma's birthday two weeks ago. 87! She's such a wonderful woman. I admire her so much. She's taught me many things, most importantly; how to love. She's always been there for me, and is so good to our family. She is the best cook, and bakes the worlds best rolls and yellow cakes with Chocolate frosting! Mmmm. I love her so much! Happy Birthday grandma!
We went up to Pine Valley (like every year) and had a big picnic up there with my whole family. Somebody forgot to bring candles, so I grabbed a lighter and had her blow that out! :)
Me and My Grandma ****** Jeff and I (and Scott)

Me and Dallin on the Bridge ****** All the Girl Cousins

Dallin, and my Cousin Jade

The next weekend, we went back down to St. George, and on the way, Dallin asked to go to "non-anlds" :). We stopped in Hurricane and got him a Happy Meal and let him play in the Play-Place. Jeff and I were talking about how going to McDonald's was SUCH a big deal when we were kids! It was so exciting! We loved sharing that with Dallin.
Mommy and Dallin in the Play-Place:

The next day, we were able to go to Mallory's Sealing. What a neat experience. I was sitting there thinking as the Sealer was talking about how we started off as friends. When I first moved in, Mallory and Ashley used to invite me over to play Monopoly, and then tell me I had to be the banker and couldn't play. Or they would tell me which kind of Gum to pick first, and they would both pick a different kind on purpose. haha. Children can be funny. :) But soon after, we were inseparable! Now we're all grown up. Her and Brett looked so happy together, and it was so good to see my "second" family again. And Mallory looked Gorgeous!! Loved her Dress and her colors! Love ya Mal!

Last Saturday, we went to the lake in the morning with my parents, Kellie and Garrett, and Scott. We had a lot of fun out there. Just really low-key. They took out the Jet-Ski's on the Kayaks and we took some sandwiches for lunch. It was a fun morning.

(Dallin didn't really ride- just sat :)

Finally, we took Dallin To Wall-E on Tuesday. We drove over to Cedar and went with Jeff's mom. I was really nervous, because other movies we had tried to take Dallin to hadn't gone too well. But we were the first ones in the Theater, and he was all excited! He got some "special" movie popcorn and a treat too. The first thing he noticed in the theater was the projector that shows the movie. He thought THAT was Wall-E that we were coming to see. Haha. He was so cute. He kept waving to it... "Hi Waw-wee!" Then the movie started, and he watched the whole movie! He loved it! We really liked the movie too. Definitely would recommend it. It was a great afternoon!

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Marci ann said...

wow that was a really long blog...cute though...we took kaylin to see wall-e this week to and he liked it but got ansee twards the end...were going to wait for maybe closer to another year to take him again unless something awesome comes out like a cars 2 or the new ice age he will love either of those....any ways call me some time cause i cant call you cause our cell phones are off and we dont have long distence on our home phone so call me!!! i will be in cedar and parowon all week this week 6-11 if you are there let me know so i can see you i will try to check my blog and then maybe from nicks grandmas phone i will call you k. luv ya1